about expertise

We are a fast growing and established company with ambitions for further rapid, sustainable and profitable growth.

We believe that such ambitions will only be achieved through the development of client trust and a professional reputation by repeatedly producing high standard of work that meets all our clients’ requirements. It remains popular for its prompt and reliable services and owing to its firm principles, now the company is having its activities in various fields.Our staff has a proven commitment to excellence and a willingness to share their knowledge and expertise with our clientele.

Quality Mission Statement and Policy

We intend to develop solid relationships with all our clients based on excellence of technical work, presentation and quality of service.To maintain, communicate and continually improve NSC quality management system and to ensure, at least, the following:

  • The client’s requirements are clearly defined and fully understood.
  • All projects are carried out in accordance with the relevant specifications, client requirements and company policies.
  • The capability and contribution of our staff is broadened through challenge, experience and training.
  • Innovative thinking, responsibility, accountability and project stewardships is encouraged to perform business performance through employee initiatives.
  • Efficiency in striving for to ensure cost effectiveness and increased business performance.
  • All processes are documented and controlled in an efficient, effective and auditable quality system.
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